Group Fitness Classes : Group Fitness Instructors

Esther Armendaiz

Esther has been teaching Pilates and other group fitness classes for over 10 years.

Rafael Cintron

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Maria Forrest

Maria Forrest is a Certified Pilates Instructor and founder of the Forrest Pilates Studio in Downtown Miami.

Sandra Lee

Sandra started dance at the age of eight (8) and performed on National Television in Jamaica.

Annamaria Salemi

Anamaria is excited to be part of the University of Miami Wellness Team.

Adriana Zarate

Adriana has been teaching yoga at the University of Miami for the past 9 years.

Anny Noratto

Anny is from Bogatá, Colombia and specializes in Meditation and Vinyasa-style Yoga.

Chris Fitzmaurice

Chris is known for his high energy and expertise. He is an exercise physiologist at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Peter Calin

Peter is known for his unique teaching style.

Lunthita Duthely

Lunthita is a Miami Native with over 20 years of meditation experience.

Monica Kundra

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Guido Milian

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Demian Laudisio

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Taryn McEachrane

Taryn’s teaching style focuses range of motion while building strength, flexibility, and balance.

Sonjia Kenya-Harris

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Hayley McLean

Hayley is excited to join the Fitness & Wellness Center as a Zumba instructor.

Wilhelmina (Mina) Lam

Wilhelmina is a Miami native and new Zumba instructor.