Group Fitness Classes : Group Fitness Instructors

Esther Armendaiz

Esther has been teaching for over 10 years.

Paola Estrada

Paola started modern dance at a young age.

Rafael Cintron

Maria Forrest

Maria Forrest is a Certified Pilates Instructor and founder of the Forrest Pilates Studio in Downtown Miami.

Carol Garabedian

Carol earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and Kinesiology from UCLA, while performing as a modern dancer and choreographer.

Sandra Lee

Sandra started dance at the age of eight (8) and performed on National Television in Jamaica.

Christy Nones-McKenzie

Certified Anusara teacher, Christy, a student of yoga since 1988, emphasizes playful exploration of Anusara’s precise alignment principles.

Andres ‘Bobby’ Nunez

Bobby has been Salsa dancing for 15 years.

Beatriz Osorio

In 1993, Beatriz Osorio attended her first yoga class in Bali, Indonesia while working as a business consultant.

Joanna Torrens

Joanna Torrens is a Miami native of Cuban descent, who has a passion for movement.

Annamaria Salemi

Annamaria is “excited” to be part of the University of Miami Wellness Team.

Adriana Zarate

Adriana has been teaching yoga at the University of Miami for the past 9 years.