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The University of Miami encourages the development of a healthy lifestyle through participation in fitness and wellness activities. The SHAPE UP program offers full and part-time University faculty and staff the opportunity to earn a 20 percent rebate on the cost of their Wellness Center membership.

A total of 10 points must be earned and documented in a calendar month to qualify for the SHAPE UP rebate. One point is defined as a period of 30 or more minutes of continuous exercise. Upon successful completion of each month, participants will be issued a rebate in the amount of 20% directly in their paycheck. The SHAPE UP program is continuous for the lifetime of membership.

  • What is SHAPE UP?
    An incentive program sponsored by Benefits Administration to encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle through participation in wellness and fitness programs.
  • Who is eligible to join?
    University faculty and staff classified as full-time (FR) or part-time (PR) and enrolled in one of the UM Wellness Centers.
  • What do I get from the program?
    A 20% rebate on the cost of your Wellness Center membership for the primary member. This excludes the cost of any add-ons, such as dependents, lockers, assessments, and personal training packages.
  • Is SHAPE UP a onetime program?
    No. SHAPE UP is a continuous program for the duration of your membership. For each month you complete the program, you will receive a rebate of 20% of the cost of your membership. Earning a rebate in one month is not dependent on qualifying during previous months.
  • How do I sign up?
    Enrollment is automatic upon joining the facility as a UHealth employee member.
  • What are the requirements to receive my 20% rebate?
    You must earn 10 points in one calendar month period. This is equal to between 2 and 3 workouts per week.
  • How can I earn a point?
    By checking into the facility at our turnstiles by the front desk and exercising for a period of 30 or more continuous minutes.
  • Do I get an extra point if I work out for more than 30 minutes?
    No. The minimum period of time required to receive a SHAPE UP point is 30 minutes, however, extra time is beneficial to your overall fitness level.
  • Can I earn more than one point per day if I have multiple workouts, such as morning and evening?
    No. You can only earn one point each day.
  • Can I earn points for exercising at the Patti & Allan Herbert Wellness Center? What about at home, outside, or during vacation?
    Workouts at the Herbert Wellness Center in Coral Gables will be counted and added to your total. However, while we cannot accept workouts done outside the two facilities, you may count external workouts towards your Well ‘Canes exercise points. See here for more information.
  • Is there a certain type of activity I need to perform to earn my points?
    No. Any type of physical activity counts, including aerobics, walking, yoga, weight training, water exercise, indoor cycling, etc.
  • How will I receive my rebate?
    Rebates are added directly to your paycheck the month after you qualify. For example, if you successfully complete 10 or more workouts in September, you will receive your rebate in October. You may confirm this by viewing your paystub in Workday under “Earnings.”
  • I have more questions, who can I contact?
    You may refer all questions to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).