Group Fitness Classes : Class Descriptions


Anusara Yoga: A Hatha yoga system where the human spirit powerfully blends with the science of biomechanics and the universal principles of alignment. This non-dual Tantric philosophy is epitomized by a “celebration of the heart”. Come and explore the possibilities!

Bodhana Yoga: In the yoga language, Bodhana is translated as: “causing to wake, awakening, arousing.” This uplifting early morning hatha yoga practice will gently wake you up physically, stir your mental faculties and arouse the external and internal senses to start you on a wonderful day of abundance.

Gentle Yoga: Designed for those who need time to relax, de-stress or get an energy boost, this class follows a slower but just as effective practice to strengthen the muscles while calming the body and mind. No yoga experience required!

Integrative Yoga: A more gentle, focus on integrating the mind and the body together – meditation and poses.

Lunchtime Yoga: This one-hour lunchtime class is designed for participants of all fitness levels so as to offer an option to “break from the workplace”, nurture the body and soul. You may walk in or out as needed to fit your work schedule.

Power Flow/Power Yoga: Take yoga to the next level in this intense workout which combines Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow disciplines with intermediate-advanced poses. Recommended for yoga practitioners who are ready to take their practice to the next level! Two levels are available for this practice.

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa means “breath synchronized with movement” and will harness the power of breath to flow through movements for the entire class. Finish with a relaxation that will leave you refreshed and renewed.

Warrior Yoga: Join the yoga warrior legions in the battle for Self. Reclaim your physical, mental and emotional well-being using the wisdom of the ages… Yoga. This is a vigorous 90 minute yoga practice that attunes your breath, refines the body, calms the mind and quiets the heart for optimal fitness, health and wellness.

Yoga Focus: A Vinyasa based class, designed for intermediate/advance practitioners. Each class offers a specific theme to guide the students to explore important aspects of the yoga experience. Come and deepen your yoga practice!*

Class Levels = 1-Beginner 2-Intermediate 3-Advanced