Group Fitness Classes : Class Descriptions

Strength Training

Abs Etc.: A 30-minute abdominal, mid-section and lower back workout. Perfect before or after your cardio workout!

Body Sculpt: Go back to basics, using traditional strength training exercises and training principles of progression, overload, and recovery to see strength improvements like you’ve never achieved before.

Core Mama™: An innovative PRENATAL and POSTPARTUM class that help you control weight gain and maintain muscle tone during pregnancy and get your body back faster after baby comes by performing exercises that isolate muscles weakened during and after pregnancy.

Core & More/Stretch: This workout is designed to target those hard to reach gluts, abs, and core sections! Challenge your abdominals, lower back, and total core area. Increase the strength of the muscles that provide stability and improve muscle definition for the superficial core muscles. Then cool down and enjoy a 15 min stretch.

FlexCo: This class combines exercises using the Xco-trainer and Flexibar to give you a challenging and well-rounded workout of cardiovascular endurance, strength, core strength, and flexibility. Using Xco-trainers for traditional cardio, strength, and plyometric exercises you will experience a challenge to your cardiovascular endurance and strength in a whole new way! Coordination and joint stability are the focus of exercises using the Flexibar.

Total Barre™: High-energy and dynamic Total Barre™ integrates elements of Pilates, dance, cardio & strength training. You’ll increase strength, flexibility, stamina and dynamic stability. It is a program geared for everyone—no dance experience required!

Total Body Conditioning: Alternates muscle toning movements along with intervals of fat-blasting cardio techniques set to the upbeat music that will get your heart pumping with a combination of athletic functional moves. This class will integrate the use of different equipment such as XCO trainer, Step, Core Ball, Flexi-Bar, Bands. All levels welcome!!

Total Body Work: Give your arms, shoulders, chest, and back a complete workout in 30 minutes, then 30 minutes of intense training of the legs, gluts, thighs and lower back to sculpt and strengthen your lower body to perfection. Perfect for all fitness levels!

Roll & Release/Rest & Recover: Improve your workout gains with an essential recovery. Various tools are utilized to minimize muscle fatigue from your workout routine and improve joint mobility.