Group Fitness Classes : Class Descriptions

Aerobic Exercise

Circuit: This perfect circuit class utilizes the fundamental elements of strength training and short burst of explosive power with high level skills that enhance movement. Experience this optimal functional performance training by rotating from station to station that integrates conditioning drills and precision skills.

Cardio Stack: Can you beat the circuit? Based on pyramid lifting concepts, this circuit class stacks exercises allowing you to move at your own pace or leave your neighbors in the dust.

Cross Train: Get ready to sweat with basic sport specific movements and cardio drills. Have fun with extremely athletic and challenging movements that merge functional training, weight training, interval drills, and running that will “whip you into shape”! Classes may vary – Aqua, Power Circuit, Cycling, or Kickboxing (Check with Front Desk/Group Instructor)

Interval Training: This class takes the participant through a series of cardio and strength training exercises with relatively brief rest intervals in between. The purpose is to keep the heart rate elevated near the aerobic level without dropping off to ensure fast, dramatic fitness results.

Kickboxing: De-stress in this fun, pre-designed, non-contact kickboxing interval class using no equipment. Cardio and strength based with an intense energy sprint for the ultimate challenge.