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Joanna Torrens

Joanna Torrens is a Miami native of Cuban descent, who has a passion for movement. In May 2007, she graduated from Florida International University with a BS in Exercise Physiology. She began her college career as a Pre-Pharmacy and Nutrition student but decided to switch to Exercise Physiology because of all the research showing the positive effects of physical activity and its use as a preventative measure towards chronic illnesses. Joanna has been involved in sports, such as cheerleading, softball, swimming and track, since a very young age, and has participated in many different types of cultural dance, such as salsa, swing, belly dance and merengue. For over seven years, Joanna has been involved in the wellness industry as a personal trainer, aerobics instructor, dance enthusiast, massage therapist and kinesiology intructor at Educating Hands School of Massage. She enjoys reaching out to people and spreading the word about wellness and how it affects one’s daily living. Joanna is known for her energy and out-going personality which comes through in all facets of her life. Her main goals include making wellness an enjoyable part of people’s everyday life instead of an obligation. She wants people to realize that wellness not only encompasses exercise but many other aspects of one’s well being including social, spiritual, mental and emotional, among others.