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Annamaria Salemi

Annamaria is a certified Satyananda Yoga instructor. Satyananda traces its roots back 2000 years to Raja Yoga. Today her method is commonly called Ashtanga Vinyasa in western cultures. Annamaria is a wellness/fitness enthusiast who has incorporated yoga in her disciplines for many years.

She is “excited” to be part of the University of Miami Wellness Team. She began practicing yoga while in high school; however after graduating she gravitated toward ballet. She says “I have always stayed connected to the concept of mind/body integration”. Her reawakening to yoga came through the study of Baron Baptiste and Power Yoga. After moving to Florida 6 years ago she was introduced to Patanjali’s practice of Ashtanga which has its’ roots in Hatha Yoga. Having had the opportunity to complete her certification in Nepal she immersed herself in the culture and practice of Satyananda Saraswati, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga. It is through these experiences that she comes to share with her students the delights and insights of yoga in harmony with our world. Bihar Yoga attempts to integrate head/heart/hands; spiritually translating as intellect/emotion/action.

She holds a Teacher Training certificate from Ananda Yoga Center, Kathmandu, Nepal; as well as a Yoga Teacher Certificate for children/young adults from One Yoga Planet, St.Lucie County, Florida. Annamaria is also a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Council on Strength and Fitness; she focuses her practice on body-sculpting and circuit training.