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Membership Freeze Policy

Membership may be frozen for a minimum of one month and a maximum of four months.

Membership may be frozen no more than twice per year and freezes may not be consecutive.

To activate a freeze the member must complete the Membership Freeze Form in the Membership Office. Freezes cannot be activated over the phone or via email.

Payroll deductions or EFT deductions will be suspended in whole month increments starting with the next available pay period.

Once the freeze period concludes membership deductions will automatically reactivate.

If a member wishes to cancel membership at the end of the freeze period, the member must visit the membership office to fill out a cancellation form before freeze expires.

If a member wishes to reactivate membership early, i.e. before the freeze period is up, member will be charged for a full month if returning on or before the 15th of the month, and will be charged a half month if reactivating on or after the 16th.

Retroactive freezes will only be allowed if the member has a documented medical situation. A retroactive freeze for travel or other reasons will not be considered.

Members must pay for their locker rental throughout the duration of the freeze or forfeit their locker.